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Spring has sprung! I know some are reading that and thinking, that’s an old expression!  But I love the meaning. It means that, all of a sudden, it has stopped snowing, the days are warmer, the grass is green, the trees are blossoming, and everything seems to have new life. It is a time of renewed hope after a bleak, cold winter. Boy, I remember those days when I lived up North! Now that I live in Florida, I’m sure I take for granted the beauty of Spring that starts for us, way back in late March sometimes. 

Now that it’s late May it definitely feels like summer already! And with Summer, come the weddings! Why are Summer weddings so popular? Typically, because schedules are more flexible between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Do you have a Summer wedding on your schedule? If so, you may be looking for that little something extra to gift your wedding couple with. They say that the foundation of every long-lasting marriage is prayer. Unfortunately, not everyone will take the time for this very important discipline.

The Newlywed Book of Prayers is designed to help those who would like to jump-start their marriage with prayer. It covers twelve helpful topics to encourage and pray for each in their new role.  It’s the perfect extra gift to give!

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