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This gift book has 52 bite-sized themes of scripture and principles, one for every day of the week. Written for men or women and a great addition to your morning, lunchtime, or evening quiet time reading. Who is Daily Inspirations From God’s Word for? Guys, ladies, teens. A new or seasoned Christian. The short, practical, and heartfelt entries appeal to just about anyone. Deeper insight for a new Christian or encouragement from a scripture you’ve read a hundred times. Let God’s Word speak to you through Daily Inspirations From God’s Word.


Doreen’s First Book: Newlywed Book of Prayers -The Husband & Wife Versions Released December 2017 – Each 6 x 9 copy is 36 pages and has 12 topics for each to pray for the marriage and each other. Makes a Great additional gift for the Newlywed or Newly Engaged, Wedding Showers, or Valentines Day!

Set of Newlywed Prayer Books, Husband & Wife Versions

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The benefit of selected scriptures and sample written prayers help us to learn or emulate prayer conversationally. Prayer is not a formula, but a conversation between us and our Heavenly Father.

In writing Newlywed Book of Prayers, Praying for Your New Spouse, Doreen Wennberg draws from her years of leading and participating in prayer groups.

Every married couple knows that a fulfilling marriage doesn’t just happen. If that is your desire as a couple, prayer will be the key. Praying for your new spouse will inevitably draw you both closer to God and to each other.

This book is designed to help you to form a foundation of prayer for your marriage. Covering twelve topics a person can pray for their spouse as they take on their new role. Loaded with scripture, and concise, practical prayers for today’s busy husband or wife.