Doreen Wennberg

To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.
~Alfred Austin.

Growing up in an unhealthy environment can have a negative effect on the outcome of a person's life, unless they choose a different path. A glimpse into Doreen's life shows a different path. She’s learned what any experienced gardener already knows. Good fruit comes from healthy plants. Healthy plants come from careful planning; cultivating soil, planting seeds, fertilizing, watering, and pulling weeds up by the roots. Just as the plants in the ground require care to grow good fruit, so too does our spiritual fruit. The seed planted in our hearts grow and bear eternal fruit when we stay rooted in God by studying His Word.


Doreen grew up with a desire to know the One true God but did not come to know the Lord Jesus until her early twenties. Primarily raised in a home of religious beliefs but void of relationship and church attendance, Doreen's early years birthed a deep hunger to grow in her relationship and understand God's Word. She often described herself as biblically illiterate until she became an avid bible student. Her leadership years in Bible Study Fellowship from the time her children were in preschool until after college graduation has given her a firm foundation. She is equally passionate about teaching others the truths in God's Word. 

Doreen has been leading prayer and bible study groups since 1999. She has had a variety of roles in Bible Study Fellowship; Discussion Group Leader, Class Administrator, and Substitute Teaching Leader.  Each role broadened her appreciation and understanding of the many aspects of serving in ministry.

She authored her first set of prayer booklets, Newlywed Book of Prayers, A Wife's version and a husband's version, and a gift book devotional, Daily Inspirations from God's Word. 

Healthy Living

Doreen has often said, her goal of living a healthy lifestyle includes being disease free, fat free, and med free. She enjoys a whole food, unprocessed, plant-based diet. She desires to help others make the connection that whole food is not only satisfying, but can be a game changer for those on yo-yo diets and slaves to meds. 


With a strong belief to teach the next generation, Doreen currently teaches Zoom SS to her three grands in TN and her great Nephew and Niece in Hawaii. Their enthusiasm to learn about God has rebirthed her desire to write for children - more to come!

Doreen grew up enjoying four seasons up North; camping, boating, tennis, horseback riding, and snow skiing contributed to her love of the outdoors. Lover of all animals and always a dog owner, Allie, her white retriever mix, is her walking companion or curled up by her side.

She moved to Florida in her teens and lived there for thirty-five years.

Doreen and her husband now call North Georgia home and never tire of the beauty every new season brings to the mountains.