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Last-Minute Gifts? Try Homemade Treats
Thursday, December 14, 2023 by Doreen Wennberg

With less than two weeks to go before Christmas, most people are done with their shopping. On the other hand, some people may be scrambling to finish up.

If you are looking for that little extra something to show appreciation—how about a homemade treat?

Everyone loves a treat. Whether it’s a co-worker, family member, the mailman, or your child’s teacher, you can’t go wrong with something made from the heart.

Made with Love 

I loved getting homemade gifts from my kids, and together, we loved making homemade gifts for their teachers. They add a personal touch, are thoughtful, and show that you care.

Cost Effective 

Making a food gift can save you money. Most often, the ingredients and containers needed are something you already have on hand. If not, buying them in bulk to make several at a time will save you money. I love to use mason jars for food gifts. Depending on the recipe, 8, 16, or 32 oz jars work great.

Healthy Treats

There are tons of ideas online to put into a mason jar gift. All you need are your recipe ingredients, a bow, and a gift tag! Most holiday recipe ideas will add to the sugar overload, but here are a few ideas to give a healthier treat that is still delicious.

1. Hot Chocolate with Navitas Organic Cacao

Give the gift of Cacao for a delicious and nutritious hot cocoa recipe. Cacao is the raw unprocessed form of cocoa. Pour some into an 8-ounce mason jar, add the recipe, tie on a bow, and you’ve got a thoughtful gift to warm the recipient through the holiday season. Get the recipe at

2. Roasted Cinnamon Pecans

Gifting a jar of sweet and crunchy pecans is sure to please any nut lover. Follow the super quick recipe, and add them to a mason jar for a simple yet thoughtful holiday gift. No instructions are needed—just add a pretty bow! Get the recipe at

3. Cookie in a jar  with this Gift Tag, or Try This CCC Recipe, be sure to make your Instruction Tag for this one.

Cookies in a jar are fun no matter how you present them. You can make them yourself or you can layer the dry mix in the jar, and your recipient adds the wet ingredients at home. Print the instructions on your tag with a festive holiday bow for a gift that’s sure to please! 

4. Mulled Spiced Cider

A pre-made spice mix for chilly winter nights is the perfect thoughtful gift for anyone on your list. Recipe from

5. Brownies in a jar

This brownie recipe is super easy to layer in a mason jar, check out the step-by-step recipe from Here’s another chance to use Navitas Organic Cacao instead of cocoa.


Homemade gifts—creative, easy, and full of love! Have fun. Merry Christmas!


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