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Newlywed Book of Prayers: Praying for Your New Spouse, The Wife's Version
by: Doreen Weenberg

The benefit of selected scriptures and sample written prayers help us to learn or emulate prayer conversationally. Prayer is not a formula, but a conversation between us and our Heavenly Father. In writing The Newlywed Book of Prayers, Praying for Your New Spouse, The Wife's Version, Doreen Wennberg draws from her years of leading and participating in prayer groups.Every married couple knows that a fulfilling marriage doesn't just happen. If that is your desire as a couple, prayer will be the key. Praying for your new husband will inevitably draw you both closer to God and to each other. This little book is designed to help you to form a foundation of prayer for your marriage.

Covering twelve topics a woman can pray for her husband as he takes on his new role. Loaded with scripture, and concise, practical prayers for today's busy woman.For those looking for the perfect addition to a wedding shower gift, this little book will be so appreciated. Check out the Husband's Version, The Newlywed Book of Prayers, Praying for Your New Spouse, The Husband's Version. Tie each copy together with a bow, and you've got the perfect little gift addition! Don't just plan for the wedding day, plan for the marriage!

Pages: 36
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0999590529
ISBN-13: 978-0999590522

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